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Quick Guide to the Common Causes of Gearbox Failure

Quick Guide to the Common Causes of Gearbox Failure

Many heavy-duty machines have gearboxes that provide power and strength for main activities. This part of the engine is in charge of burning gas and transforming it into energy for a machine to function properly.

Every engine piece, including the gearbox, needs constant maintenance to avoid problems that could slow production if a machine breaks down. This quick guide to the common causes of gearbox failure can help you detect problems before they escalate and damage your business.

Lack of Maintenance

Machines that work seven days a week and close to 24 hours a day need constant maintenance to prevent them from breaking down. Lack of maintenance and care for a machine are two main causes of gearbox failure.

Heavy-duty machines are expensive to repair completely, but maintenance at least once a month will prevent downtime in your business, saving time and money. Professional gearbox repair services provide reliable and specific processes to prevent system failure and keep your machines running smoothly.

Dust and Debris

Constantly cleaning specific parts of your machines will prevent particles from getting into their engines and gearboxes and creating problems. Occasionally, debris will burn with friction or heat from the moving parts and create fires that, if not managed appropriately, could spread quickly and dangerously. Cleaning your machines daily with a wet cloth and going over the moving parts will optimize the machine and deliver the desired results.

Failure to Lubricate

Moving parts, especially the ones in charge of providing energy to a machine, need constant lubrication to prevent components from wearing down more quickly. Friction from the motions could cause a machine to overheat and break down; good lubrication keeps a gearbox cool and functional. Check the lubrication levels on your machines constantly; you can see and touch some parts when they’re not in use and add lube where necessary.

Overload and Overwork

Some machines have specifications on load size, speed, and downtime; not meeting these requirements is a common cause of gearbox failure. Overworking a machine will cause it to overheat, break down, and sometimes damage parts. You can spot a machine working extensively because it emanates extreme heat, vibrates uncontrollably, and makes loud and strange noises.

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