Gear Box Repair

Rebuilds gearboxes and speed reducers all makes and models for any industry For all types and mix of equipment gearboxes for Ball Mills, Rotary Kiln, Crushers, Conveyor Belts, Shovels, Drills, Draglines, Gearboxes for mixers and much more

We Rebuild Gearboxes Back to O.E.M Specs 

We first start by disassembling your gearbox, then steam clean your damage gearbox then carefully inspect all the gears, pinions, shafts, and housings,

Then we manufacture all new gears, pinions and shafts then reline and rebore housing bearing fits.


Then repair any worn or damage seal and bearing areas on the shafts

add all new bearings, seals, and shim kits and then reassemble your gearbox back to O.E.M specs, saving you 50% or better from new cost and A faster turnaround then the original equipment manufacturer


Churon Company will give our customer A free quote before any work is done

We also offer gear rebuilding with a special annealing & heat treating Process that we do in some cases

on worn or damage gearing by repairing them back to O.E.M specs 


Complete overhaul on all industrial gearbox repairs, or just a simple bearing and seal replacement.  We do our gearbox gears and pinions repairs in house to give you The best and fastest service in the industry

We recommend our carburized, and ground gearing and pinions, for most industrial gear box repairs Parallel, Shaft Mounted, Right Angle Drives, Planetary Drives, Worm Drive, and Cone Drives, Single, Double, And Triple, Reduction.

List of Gearbox Names That We Rebuilt
  • Amarillo Gearbox

  • Babcock & Wilcox Gearbox

  • B&P Gearbox

  • Bonfiglioli Gearbox

  • Link Belt Gearbox

  • Browing Gearbox

  • Lufkin Gearbox

  • Danieli Gearbox

  • Nutall Gearbox

  • Dodge Gearbox

  • Marley Gearbox

  • Ecodyne Gearbox

  • Philadelphia Gearbox

  • Elliot Gearbox

  • Sew-Eurodrive Gearbox

  • Falk Gearbox

  • Sumitomo Gearbox

  • Farrel Gearbox

  • Westinghouse Gearbox

  • Foot Jones Gearbox

  • General Electric Gearbox

  • Flender Gearbox

  • FL Smith Gearbox

  • Hansen Gearbox

  • Horsburh & Scott Gearbox

  • Simpson Gerabox

  • ZAMBELLO Gearbox

  • And More