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Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

Marley Gearbox Repair

Schedule Marley gearbox repairs by reaching out to Churon Company. Our team contains trained experts who specialize in assessing and rebuilding your gearbox. Of course, gearboxes come in different makes and models, so finding solutions requires a knowledgeable and meticulous approach. Thankfully, our team understands the nuances of each gearbox type that’s available.

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

For instance, we have Marley gearbox rebuilders who can take the entire unit apart to find the perfect solution. Our team will conduct all the work, so you can have the time to focus on other tasks, but we will communicate our inspections and solutions to you. This allows you to voice any preferences or concerns for the rebuild before we begin our work.

Furthermore, we can manufacture brand-new components to make suitable repairs to a Marley gearbox. Components that we will manufacture for a gearbox rebuild include custom gears, pinions, and more. Having the ability to make custom parts for a rebuild allows our team to find the most accurate approach for any given project. Whether one part requires replacement, or several do, we will build the parts needed to repair your Marley gearbox promptly.

Some of the industries that we’ve provided repairs for include construction, cement, mining, power plants, and many more. These work environments are quite different, but they all use gearboxes, and they all can run into complications with those boxes. Our experience in these industries ensures we can make our troubleshooting process efficient while keeping quality results at the forefront of each step.


As you can see, you don’t have to make assumptions or perform DIY repairs when your gearbox sustains damage—professional solutions are available. You can schedule your appointment with our Marley gearbox repairs specialists whenever you're ready to proceed and maintain productivity in the workplace. We will also repair Philadelphia, Amarillo, Lufkin, and more types of gearboxes.  

Contact Us 

When you need reliability, choose Churon Company. As a full-service machine repair shop, we will restore your Philadelphia gearbox back to OEM standards for a more efficient operation. There are many different ways you can get in contact with us. We are available via telephone, email, or you may submit our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.  

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair
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