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Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

Lufkin Gearbox Repair

If you want to bring your Lufkin gearboxes back to OEM standards, the specialists at Churon Company can accomplish that goal with ease. Large industrial machines, such as extruders, require a collection of components to run properly. Among these components is the gearbox, which can reduce in quality over time for various reasons.

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair

One of the types of gearboxes available is a Lufkin box, which is among the many styles we can repair and rebuild. Our Lufkin gearbox repairs are conducted by professionals who will optimize each component carefully, even if that means manufacturing new, high-quality replacement parts. Gearboxes are versatile machines because they come from many manufacturers and assist a wide list of industries, such as mining, construction, lumber, and many more. 


Thus, gearbox repair experts must bring an equally versatile approach to repairs. After more than 30 years of fixing industrial gearboxes, we continue to prioritize versatility and clear communication every step of the way. Our Lufkin gearbox repair specialists also understand the impact of downtime on any workplace. Therefore, we aim for a fast but reliable result with each project. We can accomplish this by completing each project in-house at Churon Company. 


With everything being done in-house, we can streamline and take a careful approach to each rebuild, ensuring every detail meets the standards necessary for your applications. During all repairs, you’re working with our experts, so when their work is complete, your machine will be up and running promptly.

Now that you know where to locate a reliable Lufkin gearbox rebuilder, you can find a fast solution when unforeseen gearbox damages occur. If you need help now, get a free quote from our experts at Churon Company to start scheduling a suitable solution for your machinery. We can also rebuild Bonfiglioli, Philadelphia, and more types of gearboxes.   

Contact Us 

When you need reliability, choose Churon Company. As a full-service machine repair shop, we will restore your Philadelphia gearbox back to OEM standards for a more efficient operation. There are many different ways you can get in contact with us. We are available via telephone, email, or you may submit our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.  

Philadelphia Gearbox Repair
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