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Falk Gearbox Repair

Falk Gearbox Repair 

For over 30 years, Churon Company has been repairing and rebuilding all makes and models of gearboxes back to OEM specs. When your Falk gearbox needs repair, give us a call today!


Rexnord Falk Gearbox Repair 

We restore and repair Falk gearboxes, among many other makes and models of gearboxes. Our Falk gearbox repair service is unmatched due to our expertise, our process, and our attention to detail.

When we receive your Falk gearbox, our team will get to work disassembling the unit to troubleshoot. Once we have discovered the issues and have your approval to move forward, we will begin repairing the Falk gearbox back to OEM specs.  We manufacture new gears, pinions, and shaft, will repair damaged housings, and repair bearing and seal fits on both the input and output shafts.

The Churon Company Difference 

What makes Churon Company ideal for Falk gearbox repair is that we handle all our repairs in-house. Over time, we have found that this method of repair results in a faster turnaround time while still prioritizing our exceptional attention to detail and superior service.  

We offer free pickup and delivery for your convenience. We also provide our customers with free estimates before beginning any repairs on your gearbox.

At Churon Company, transparency is key. We will never begin our Falk gearbox repair service without informing you of our findings and receiving your approval to proceed with gearbox repair. 

Falk Gearboxes We Repair

Falk V Class

  • Falk 385A3-AD 

  • Falk 405A2-S

  • Falk 425A1-S

  • Falk 465A3-CD 

  • Falk 485A2-CD

  • Falk 505A3

  • Falk 525A3

Falk Y Unit Gearbox

  • Falk 2100YA2

  • Falk 2110YA1

  • Falk 2120YA2

  • Falk 2125YA3

  • Falk 2130YA1

  • Falk 2135YA2

  • Falk 2140YA2

  • Falk 2145YA3

  • Falk 2150YA2

  • Falk 2160YA2

  • Falk 2170YA1

  • Falk 2170YA2

  • Falk 2175YA3

  • Falk 2180YA1

  • Falk 2180YA2

  • Falk 2180YA3

  • Falk 2186YA1

  • Falk 2185YA2

  • Falk 2185YA3

  • Falk 2190YA2

Falk Drive One Unit

  • Falk M1100

  • Falk M11220

  • Falk M1130DBT3AR 

  • Falk M1140DBT3AR 

  • Falk M1150

  • Falk M1160

  • Falk M1170

  • Falk M1180

  • Falk M1190

  • Falk M1200

  • Falk M1212

  • Falk M1220

Our in-house expertise allows us to repair and rebuild other Falk Gearboxes not listed.  Contact us to discuss your Falk model and your repair needs!

Falk Gearbox Repair
Contact Us 

To request Falk gearbox repair, give us a call or complete our service request form. We look forward to the opportunity to service your Rexnord Falk gearbox!

For 24/7 Emergency Service, please contact us at (770) 662-7575.

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