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GEARBOX REPAIR - CHURON COMPANY - Full-Service Machine Shop in Norcross, GA 

Davis-Standard Gearbox Repair

GEARBOX REPAIR - CHURON COMPANY - Full-Service Machine Shop in Norcross, GA 

A good gearbox can take you a long way, and Davis-Standard gearboxes are some of the best on the market. However, even a great gearbox will break down if given enough time. When your gearbox stops working at its full capacity, that’s where our team at the Churon Company comes in. We’re experts in Davis-Standard gearbox repair. We start with complete disassembly, and then we begin the cleaning and inspection process. Not every gear and shaft will require a complete replacement—we’ll repair what we can. Our ultimate goal, of course, is to get your gearbox back to OEM standards. Once we complete our Extruder gearbox repair, we’ll perform a test run with the gearbox to ensure that there is no vibration, leaking, or overheating. 

The Churon Company Difference


Here at the Churon Company, all our Davis-Standard gearbox repair specialists are in-house. This repair method is much more efficient and effective than outsourcing and allows you to get your gearbox back in no time. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and superior service, so reach out to the Churon Company to work with expert Extruder gearbox rebuilders. 


If you’re worried about pickup and delivery, don’t be. We’re happy to offer free pickup and delivery, which saves your hard-earned dollars and your valuable time. Before we start the repair process, we’ll also reach out to you with a free estimate. Keep in mind that the estimate is just that—more often than not, we end up quoting the client a final total that’s lower than our initial projection. Transparency is key and a core company value here. Remember, we will never begin our Davis-Standard gearbox repair without telling you what we’ve found and receiving your approval. 


Contact us today! We’re looking forward to serving your gearbox repair needs. 

List of gearbox names that our gearbox rebuilders have built 
  • Amarillo Gearbox

  • Babcock & Wilcox Gearbox

  • B&P Gearbox

  • Bonfiglioli Gearbox

  • Link Belt Gearbox

  • Browing Gearbox

  • Lufkin Gearbox

  • Danieli Gearbox

  • Nutall Gearbox

  • Dodge Gearbox

  • Marley Gearbox

  • Ecodyne Gearbox

  • Philadelphia Gearbox

  • Elliot Gearbox

  • Sew-Eurodrive Gearbox

  • Falk Gearbox

  • Sumitomo Gearbox

  • Farrel Gearbox

  • Westinghouse Gearbox

  • Foot Jones Gearbox

  • General Electric Gearbox

  • Flender Gearbox

  • FL Smith Gearbox

  • Hansen Gearbox

  • Horsburh & Scott Gearbox

  • Simpson Gerabox

  • ZAMBELLO Gearbox

  • And More

CHURON COMPANY - Full-Service Machine Shop in Norcross, GA - GEARBOX REPAIR
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