Shovel & Dragline Repair

Specializing in repairs for Shovels, Draglines of all types and mix components for your Mining Equipment

We specialize in doing repairs for Shovels And Draglines. This includes all types and mix components for your Mining Equipment. We rebuild all types of Transmissions, Gears, Pinions Shafts, Drive Tumbles, Racks, Sheaves. No matter the condition or shape your parts might be in Churon Co. can rebuild them back in same condition as new O.E.M parts by repairing your old cores. Churon Co will pick up any worn or broken Shovel or Dragline part or parts  and Save you 50% or better. We rebuild CAT or Komatsu mining parts and get them back to O.E.M specs with our in-house repair process.


A lot of times when your gears, pinions and splines get worn and broken out, we can rebuild them back to O.E.M Specs. Again, with our in house special annealing & heat treating process, we offer quicker turnaround then P&H and Bucyrus. 

We offer Free Pick Up & Delivery anywhere in North America with any Job repaired.

Shovels We Service

P&H Shovels - 1900 2100 2300 2800 4100

Bucyrus Shovels - 95 295 395 495 595

Komatsu Shovels - PC1250 PC1900 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC5500 PC8000

HItachi Shovels - EX1200 EX1800 EX1900 EX2600 EX3600 EX5600 EX8000


O&K Shovels - RH 40 RH 70 RH 75 Rh 90 RH 120 RH 200 RH 300 RH 400

Draglines We Service

Page Dragline - 736 740 752 757 852


Marion Dragline - 7400 7500 7820 7900 8050 8200 8750


Bucyrus Dragline - 1150 1250 1260 1300 1350 2570 980W 480w


P&H Dragline - 9010 9020 2355 

We Repair Mining Equipment

We can repair and rebuild the following mining parts: Final Drive Transmissions, Propel Transmissions, Swing Transmissions, Crowd Transmissions, Hoist Transmissions, PTO units, Pump Drive Gearboxes, hoist gearing, Swing Pinions, Swing Gearing, Crowd Pinions, Crowd gearing, Shipper shafts, Drive Tumblers, Delta Drive Tumbles, Saddle Block repairs, Sheave Repairs, Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs, Hydraulic Pump repairs, Pins, Bushings, Bearings, and much more.