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Signs Your Cone Crusher Needs Professional Service

Signs Your Cone Crusher Needs Professional Service

Cone crushers work with different types of materials, like rocks and minerals in their most natural form, and break them into smaller pieces. This equipment consists of a rotating cone that pulverizes anything that falls through the top with friction and pressure.

The constant use of heavy-duty equipment working with hard materials can wear out the machinery quickly. These signs that your cone crusher needs professional service will tell you when it’s time for a checkup to prevent future issues and delays.

Working Time

Friction is one of your cone crusher's main characteristics. Keeping the moving parts well lubricated and clean will prevent them from rubbing against each other too hard, which could chip the equipment. It is important to lubricate the bearings after 500 hours of use to ensure continued high performance of your cone crusher.

Look for Cavities

It is not unusual for this type of machinery to have cavities inside the cone, especially when rocks constantly hit the sides. It is essential to perform maintenance checks every week to ensure the cavities are not getting bigger and to fix the existing ones. You can use some elements, like crusher backing compounds, to seal these holes.

Check the Main Frame

The main frame will show damage immediately if something is wrong. Performing constant professional maintenance at least once every three months could prevent non-visible issues from developing. If your machinery breaks down due to a lack of maintenance, a cone crusher repair company will assist you and get the main frame back up and working in no time.

Irregular Pebble Sizes

Crushing rocks is the main activity of the cone crusher, so irregular pebble sizes might be due to an inconsistency of the cone. The rotating cone could sometimes shift to one side, preventing the rocks from crushing equally. If you are not getting the same size or consistency, you must stop and fix the machine because the cone could continue shifting.

Abnormal Vibration

One of the clear signs your cone crusher needs professional service is when it vibrates more than usual or in an abnormal way. This could happen because the size of the load is too big for the crusher or, most commonly, because the mounting surfaces are not flat. Vibrations occur as the result of the normal process, but if the machine has an intense tremble, it could be an assembling problem.

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