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Used & Refurbished Gearboxes For Sale

We have a large inventory of shaft mounted gearboxes, parallel gearboxes, and shovel and dragline parts. View our used, refurbished, and surplus gearboxes below.

Falk 525A3-CB

New surplus gearbox ready to ship anywhere in north america, unit turns smooth model Falk 525A3-CB ratio 38.82 this is unit is a new surplus ready to use it has never been used  falk gearboxes falk gearbox 

Falk 525 parallel gearbox shaft mounted for more information and better pricing

Call for more info & pricing

(770) 757-3530 

Nick |

Falk Gearbox

Falk gearbox - Model #: M1210DBJ3 -

Gearbox Ratio 41.45 -

Call for more info & pricing

(770) 757-3530 

Nick |

P&H 4100 Crown Pinions

P&H 4100 Crowd Pinions Part Number R52401D1 - Number of teeth 14 and number of splines 50 Call for more info and pricing

(770) 757- 3530 

Nick |

Dodge TDT 15 Gearbox

Dodge TDT 15 Ratio 30 to 1 Dodge TDT 1530 part Number 272370. Dodge TDT15 gearbox.


Call for pricing and availability. On dodge TDT1530 call (770) 757-3530 Nick |

Falk M1140DBT3AN

Falk M1140DBT3AN Ratio is 45.27 new gearbox ready to ship ready to use. Never been in use. New stock new surplus 45:27 ratio. New Surplus M1140

with backstop bearing. Parallel.

Falk M1130DBT3AR

Ratio 43.51 new gearbox 

ready to use. Never been in use. New stock new surplus

43:51 ratio


with backstop bearing

Parallel gearbox

Foote Jones 1414VBHS

Foote Jones 1414VBHS. Condition is Manufacturer refurbished gearbox.

445 to 1 ratio

Rebuilt by Falk renew 1414VBHS


Falk 7.5C2-02B

Falk 7.5C2-02B. Condition is Seller refurbished gearbox.

New Surplus Falk M1130DBT3AR Ratio 43.51

Rebuilt and ready to use.

7.736 ratio


Inline gearbox

Dodge TXT Gearbox

Dodge TXT Size 1 through TDT 15. Call for more info and pricing.

(770) 757-3530 

Nick |

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