Shovel and draglines are used largely, in the mining industry and Churon Co rebuilds and refinshes all types of gearing components for shovel and dragline functions. As well as new components, Churon Co can service, repair and upgrade gears pinions and gearboxes in Bucyrus-Erie, Page, Northwest, Manitowoc, P&H, Demag, Lima, Linkbelt, American, Terex, Catepillar, Hitachi, and much more

All types of gears pinions shafts & gearbox repaired, upgraded and serviced including crowd gearboxes, Gears, shafts, pinions and racks, propel Transmissions, hoist planetary drives as well as rope drums and drag gearboxes, swing transmissions, swing gears, swing pinions, swing shafts, PTO units, pump drive transmissions, drive tumblers, Replacement components are designed and engineered to exacting standards for in service reliability,

we work with you to develop a specific preventative maintenance plan to ensure you have maximum availability at the lowest cost of ownership

some Shovels we services
P&H Shovels 1900 2100 2300 2800 4100
Bucyrus shovels 195 295 395 495 595
Komatsu shovels PC1900 PC2000 PC3000 PC4000 PC5500 PC8000
HItachi shovels    EX1800 EX1900 EX2600 EX3600 EX5600 EX8000


rebuilt hoist gear for Marion dragline


P&H 2800 gears

final drive gears and intermediate gears for P&H 2300 shovel

Dive tumblers for Komatsu shovel


swing transmission for Komatsu shovel


2 P&H crowd pinions

after pt1