Churon Co. can rebuild and refinish your old gears pinions shaft gear boxes & speed reducers  back to O. E. M. specs and save you 50% from new cost, for a free quote & inspection
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Fabricated New Gear Set For Waton Drill Rig

20130805_124333  20140416_212420

Rebuilt Gearbox for 453 Raymond bowl mill

raymond coal mill gearbox 1    20151029_175815_resized

Rebuilt Ring Gear Segment for Crawler Crane

20140709_134358  20150508_101247  20150924_174941 20150929_153341  20150929_153151  20150929_153151

Rebuilt Complete Rear Axle For Komatsu HD1500 Haul Truck

20141009_155701_resized  20150223_083748

Rebuilt Gear & Pinion for 54 inch Raymond mill

73inch RING GEAR SET AFTER befor       73inch RING GEAR SET 2 after

Rebuilt Bronze Gear for Raymond bowl mill 453

raymond coal mill gear before        20150909_105730

Rebuilt Philadelphia Gearbox

    philadelphia gear box after

Rebuilt P&H 4100 crowd pinion


P&H 2800 final drive pinion P/N 1J290C1

     P&H 2800 final drive pinions after

Rebuilt P&H 2300 shipper shaft

   P&H 2300 shipper shaf before


Rebuilt 50 inch raymond mill bull gear