Churon Company specializes in rebuilding and manufacturing of gears, pinions, shafts, gearboxes, for all types of equipment it don’t matter what kind of shape your parts or equipment might be in it could even be ready for the scrap yard but with our special and unique annealing and heat treating process we can rebuild your old worn or broken gears, pinions, shaft, and gearboxes, back to O.E.M Specs again and have you and your corporation up and running in no time with a quicker and less expensive option then the O.E.M’s
we can also reverse engineer & fabricate new gearing and gearboxes

Our capabilities include cutting, Gears, Pinions, Shafts, Internal & External splines , Bronze Worm Gears With Steel Worm Shaft cone drive with hour glass shape worms & standard, Straight Tooth, Helical, Herringbone, Straight Bevel, Spiral Bevel Gears, Internal Geras,

We offer quicker turnaround time than the O.E.M and a 50% savings of new cost. We also specialize in rebuilding and refinishing your old cores such as all types and mix of gears, pinion, shafts, splines, gearboxes, pumps, impellers, airlocks, blowers hydraulics and electric motors and much more with a special heat treat process for all types of industrial applications.
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herringbone gear

herringbone gear


herringbone pinion

herringbone pinion


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  • Straight  Tooth
  • Herringbone
  • Helical
  • Bevel
  • Spiral Bevel
  • Skewed Bevel
  • Bronze Worm Gear With Steel Worm Shaft
  • Final Drive Gear
  • Internal & External Splines
  • Metric or non Metric Sizes
marion 8050 dragline swing gear after 2

Churon Company rebuilds and manufactures gears and pinions for any industries

    • Mining – underground & open pit
    • Paper mills  steel mills Sugar mill
    • Chemical, food, grain,
    • Power plants
    • Specialized shovels, drills, and draglines


    American Parts

    • P&H
    • Marion Bucyrus
    • Page
    • O&K
    • Komatsu
    • Hitachi
    • Manitowoc
    • Lima
    • Crowd gears and pinions
    • Shipper shafts
    • Drive tumblers
    • Front idlers
    • Lower rollers
    • Sheaves
    • Hoist gears and hoist drums
    • Saddle blocks
    • Intermediate gears and pinions
    • Propel gears and pinions
    • Swing pinions, gears, and racks
    • Bushings and pins

    Complete Gearbox repairs
    Falk, Foot Jones, Flender, Philadelphia, Dodge, Marley Amarilo,  Hanson, Eurodrive

                50 inch raymond mill gear after

                                                                                                                     50%   savings from OEM!